• cv: Dr. Kim H. Veltman

cv: Dr. Kim H. Veltman


Kim H. Veltman
Friendship, Love and God
Becoming Human through Body, Mind and Spirit

This is a series of anecdotes posing as an autobiography.

It is not a catalogue of all the wonderful persons whom I have had the privilege of meeting. Not even my best friend is discussed. Rather it is sketch of some of the persons who have changed the directions of my life and made me into what I am today. I thank all the friends and acquaintances for all their kindnesses, which have changed everyday experiences into memorable happenings.

This is a positive book about a quest, about seeking.

All persons who are my intellectual and moral superiors, who have helped me in my quest are gratefully thanked. Indeed, I have sought them them out. Throughout my life I have tried to find the absolute best in any field that interests me in order to learn from them. This led me to Sir Ernst Gombrich in Art History, Kenneth Keele in Leonardo Studies, to Ingetraut Dahlberg in classification. It also led me to meet Douglas Engelbart, Ted Nelson and Tim Berners Lee in Internet studies and so on.

Throughout the book I offer verbal portraits of mentors, teachers and friends, who have helped me, attempting to identify their essence; their special qualities, and what I learned from them. These portraits range from a few lines to a few paragraphs and in five cases to a full page. I am grateful to each of them.

Acquaintances whom I do not know well, about whom I have nothing positive or original to say are named, but not discussed.

Those who consider their intellectual or moral superiority as grounds for not helping me, and those who consider themselves enemies, are not named, nor are their stories told. The focus is on positive dimensions of Christianity.


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