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Kim H. Veltman

A Databank on Perspective: the Concept of Knowledge Packages

Metodologia della ricerca: orientamenti attuali. Congresso internazionale in onore di Eugenio Battisti, Milan, 1991, Arte Lombarda, Milan, 1994, n. 3-4, parte secunda, pp. 166-170.


An electronic database (© 1988) is described as an example of a new approach to knowledge.This grew out of nearly two decades’ work on a standard bibliography on perspective and, beyond its content, is of interest because it can potentially be applied to any topic. Ten levels of knowledge are identified: classifications, definitions (as in dictionaries), explanations (as in encyclopaedias), titles (as in bibliographies), partial contents (as in abstracts), full contents (as in facsimiles), and four levels of interpretation: internal analyses (when a text or picture is looked at in its own terms), external analyses (when comparisons with other works are made), restorations (which have built into them the interpretations of the restorer) and reconstructions (which contain the interpretations of the individual doing the reconstruction). Plans to apply methods of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to cultural domains are outlined. Since the conference, the bibliography has become part of a larger project, a System for Universal Media Searching (SUMS, © 1992).

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