Kim H. Veltman, Benedetto Benedetti, Francesca Bocchi, Arturo Colorado, Mario Verdese, Gerhard Budin, et al.

European Network of Centres of Excellence in Digital Culture and ICT

Unpublished, Maastricht 1998-2000. Available at:


The European Network of Centres of Excellence in Cultural Heritage is part of the MEDICI framework of co-operation of the European Union. The network acts as a high-level, scientific and scholarly point of reference for MEDICI. Each centre acts as co-ordinator for a nexus of problems. The network comprises government and university research institutes as well as industrial research and development departments. This permits new combinations of cultural heritage with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and multimedia. The collective research agenda includes wider issues related to the emerging European information and knowledge society, as shaped by cultural content, innovative use of advanced ICT and in particular Internet evolution.

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