Kim H. Veltman

Challenges and Potentials for Sharing between Networks of Excellence (NERE/DSR and E-Culture Net)


This paper explores nine challenges entailed in the creation of international cultural networks. These challenges centre around contextualisation. It is claimed that we need to explore common origins in belief systems (mythology, religion, science) as a step towards understanding differences in expression in various cultures. The example of mount Meru is used to explore these relations. It is suggested that a combination of belief systems, cultural products (intangible and tangible culture) and attitudes can form the basis for a new model of culture that transcends Euro-centric or Asian-centric limits. The need to work towards a World Distributed Electronic Repository (WONDER) is outlined.

It is concluded that the Asian Network of Excellence for Research and Education on in Digital Silk Roads (NERE/DSR), E-Culture Net and the American Digital Silk Roads project, under the auspices of UNESCO have an obvious rationale to share examples of digital culture. A deeper rationale for their existence lies in sharing ideas and developing methods concerning these more subtle challenges in order that the sharing of digital culture can reveal different expressions stemming from a common humanity.


Networks, world-views, cosmology, mythology, religion, intangible culture, cultural models, cultural diversity, distributed repositories, virtual reference rooms, collaborative forums.

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