Kim H. Veltman

Needs, Challenges and Thoughts for EU

European Commission. Directorate F. Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures. Applications
FP7 Exploratory Workshop: Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime, 29-30 April 2004.

General Needs

1. Results of EU’s projects need to be accessible to researchers (cf.
2. Networks of Excellence that provide a framework for sharing immense materials in research and memory institutions and build Distributed European Electronic Resource (DEER,

3. New Models for Culture that go beyond Euro-centrism and Asia-Centrism (; cf.

Specific Challenges which link with above

1. Development of Accès Multilingue au Patrimoine (AMP.

2. Open-source integration of UMTS and GIS

3. Dynamic cartography that shows changes of boundaries temporally and politically; Dynamic Chronology (,%20Knowledge%20and%20Culture.pdf esp. pp. 14, 30)

4. Versioning of Texts and Pedigree of Images (,%20The%20Rebirth%20of%20Perspective.pdf, esp. fig 7-8)

5. Software for Visual Quotations, Citations from Video, Film, Multimedia (, esp. section 5)

6. Blue room technology extended to classroom along lines of CINECA-RAI experiments to allow virtual reconstructions online (, esp. p. 7).

7. Cameras linked to knowledge Bases as cam-puters (,%20Context%20and%20Communication.pdf, esp. p. 8)


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