Kim H. Veltman

Jewels of Tomorrow

Concept for Cartier, Switzerland, February 2002.

In the past the jewel was a stone precious in a beautiful case, which both embraced the treasure and manifested it. The precious stone reflected light from the outside world to manifest its inner quality.

The new technologies bring us to a nano-world where objects can be the size of the microscopically small. So a precious stone could have in its centre a light source smaller than a filament which transforms the nature of a jewel. Instead of reflecting light from the outside world, it can emanate light from its interior to manifest its inner worth in a new way. The jewel in its case becomes an unexpected beacon of light. One can even imagine new cuts in the gem such that it reflects both interior and exterior light.

Like its predecessors the jewel of tomorrow hangs on a chain. But the chain is more than a necklace. It can be equipped with special sensors, which record the pulsing of the arteries in the neck. As the bearer of the jewel becomes excited in the presence of the beloved, the sensors increase the intensity of the light. So the jewel becomes an outer manifestation of the heart’s engagement, a light response to admirer’s arrival, the lover’s glance. More than one senses can be engaged. Theoretically the lights can change colour in response to sounds or harmonies, changing to favourite colours in the presence of favourite music and conversely. Or they could change in response to scents, or even special scenes.

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