Knowledge Organisation


Kim H. Veltman

Multidimensional Bibliography and Classification

"Multidimensional Bibliography and Classification, Eröffnungsvortrag": Anwendungen in der Klassifikation. Proceedings 8 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Klassifikation eV, ed. Rolf G. Hensler (Teil I), (Hof Geismar, 1984), (Frankfurt: Indeks Verlag, 1984), pp. 57-75. (Studien zur Klassifikation, Bd. 14 SK 14).

0. Introduction
1. Recent Developments
1.1 Verbal Knowledge
1.2 Visual Systems
2. A Multivalent Approach
2.1 Theory
2.2 Theory and Practice
3. Conclusions

0. Introduction

Last month a trip to America took me to libraries such as Brigham Young, the New York Public, Stanford and the Library of Congress. What I saw there so transformed my ideas of the possible that this paper has taken on a rather different shape. In part one an outline is given of how computers, databases and retrieval services are transforming approaches to knowledge both verbal and visual. The main part of this paper outlines how existing technology could be adapted to create a multivalent approach to classification and bibliography.

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