Knowledge Organisation


Kim H. Veltman

Space, Time, Information and Knowledge

Keynote Lecture given in Venice.
Published: Electronic Proceedings of the ECO-CREA Conference: Spazio, Tempo, e Informazione, Venice, May 1996, (

1. Introduction
2. Seeming Convergence of Space and Time
3. Synchronous and Asynchronous Reality
4. Conclusions

1. Introduction

This paper suggests that computers entail much more than a simple translation of space, time and knowledge into digital form. Computers are transforming these concepts and require new fields of study. By way of introduction attention is drawn to a paradox. On the one hand, the new technologies seem to imply an ineluctable move towards convergence and simultaneity, a new synchronicity. On the other hand, these same technologies are introducing a spectrum of asynchronous tools. While the rhetorical emphasis is on tele-presence and sychronicity, the more profound implications of the new technologies may lie on the side of asynchronicity.

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