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Kim H. Veltman

Challenges for a Semantic Web

“Semantic Web Workshop 2002. Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Semantic Web 2002 (at the Eleventh International World Wide Web Conference), Hawaii, May 7, 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, pp. 16-22.
Position paper also published electronically at:
Reprinted in Cultivate Interative, Issue 7, June 2002 (
These ideas have since been developed in the author’s “Towards a Semantic Web for Culture” (2004).


The semantic web should be about the meaning of humans with all the richness of cultural and historical dimensions. This paper reviews three approaches to the semantic web, namely of the W3, Dublin Core and a small group within the AI community. It then suggests that a new kind of cultural semantics is needed in order to reflect the richness of human experience.

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Historical Semantics, Cultural Meaning
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Standardization, Theory.


Semantics, Culture, History

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