Acambis Inc. [in 2000 Peptide Therapeutics in Cambridge UK was also renamed as Acambis at request of Baxter International; the UK company nominally became headquarters; produces Chimerivax]

http://www.massbio.org/directory/companies/detail.php3?c=105 The first successful construction of a chimeric yellow fever 17D/flavivirus was reported by Dr. Thomas J. Chambers, St. Louis University [20]. In 1997, Acambis Inc. (then OraVax Inc.) licensed the Chambers technology and initiated development of a vaccine against JE virus, a close relative of West Nile. The ChimeriVax™-JE vaccine entered human trials in 2000 under an Investigational New Drug permit from the FDA. Subsequently, Acambis has developed ChimeriVax™ vaccines against all four serotypes of dengue virus, completed advanced preclinical trials in nonhuman primates and initiated GMP manufacturing. The ChimeriVax™-dengue vaccines have been sublicensed to Aventis-Pasteur. Development of a ChimeriVax™-West Nile vaccine was initiated in 2000, with funding from the NIH. http://www.bentham.org/cdtid/samples/cdtid1-1/monath/monathmS.htm