Kim H. Veltman

History of Art About and by Means of Computers

ARCO 2001 Conference, Arco Noticias 20, Madrid, 2001, pp. 56-61.

In the realm of contemporary art and museology, computers linked via Internet have many potential uses. Memory institutions (libraries, museums and archives) have traditionally been concerned with enduring knowledge. The past century saw the rise of broadcast media (notably, radio, television and video). The past decades have seen the rise of unstable media, notably, new forms of contemporary art (kinetic, performance art), interactive video, interactive television and Internet. A first challenge lies in integrating these unstable and broadcast media with the enduring knowledge of memory institutions. From the viewpoint of the Internet there has been a rise in collaborative and personal knowledge, which also need to be integrated with enduring knowledge. According to a recent Japanese report the Broadcast network (TV), communications network (telephone) and the Internet will have an equal status by 2005 and will be completely subsumed by the Internet by 2010.

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