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Kim H. Veltman

Literature on Perspective. A Select Bibliography (1971-1984)

Marburger Jahrbuch, Marburg, Vol. 21, (1986), pp.135-207.

1. Introduction
2. History
3. Technical Problems
4. Methodological and Metaphorical Applications
5. Conclusions

1. Introduction
Schüling's (1975) bibliography of secondary literature on perspective covered the period 1870-1970.1 The present survey is limited to a small sample of literature since 1971. Readers wishing more information concerning specific titles and or more literature are referred to Vagnetti's (1979) annotated bibliography, the most important survey of primary and secondary literature to date, and to the summaries provided by the Répertoire d'Art et d'Archéologie and the Répertoire Internationale de Littérature de l'Art (RILA). Primary literature on perspective is beyond the scope of the present survey which identifies major trends in research and indicates desiderata under three general headings: history; technical problems; methodological and methaphorical applications.

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