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Kim H. Veltman

Piero della Francesca and the Two Methods of Renaissance Perspective

Published in: Convegno internazionale: Piero della Francesca 500 anni, 1492-1992, Urbino, Arezzo, Sansepolcro, October 1992, 1996, pp. 407-419.

1. Introduction
2. Piero's First Method
3. Piero's Second Method
4. The Legitimate Construction
5. Geometrical Method
6. Conclusions

1. Introduction
Our study of the past depends in no small part on the tools at our disposal. The latter half of the nineteenth century saw the emergence of a new attention to the theoretical sources of art. Critical in this regard was the monumental series Source Books for Art History and Art Technique (Quellenschriften für Kunstgeschichte und Kunsttechnik) edited by Eitelberger von Edelberg. This brought new editions of Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci as well as first editions of Filarete and Piero della Francesca. These editions led to new attention to details concerning the methods of Renaissance linear perspective. A series of mainly Austrian and German scholars: Ludwig, von Oettingen, Staigmüller and Janitschek drew attention to two different methods.

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