Barbaro, Daniele

Barbaro, who was the Patriarch of Aquilea, is best known for his La pratica della perspettiva (1568) of which there are extant two variant manuscripts, as well as a work Scenographia (Venice, Marciana), and an edition of Vitruvius (Venice, 1556) importat as a source for illustrations of the Vitruvian stage which had a direct impact on the Teatro Olimpico, at Vicenza. There was debate over the date of the first edition of La pratica. Poudra (1864,161) claimed 1559; Laven (1957,211) claimed 1567. RLIN caims 1569. The earliest extant copy is 1568. Cited by Danti (1583), Lomazzo (1585,275), Bayle (1697) and Poleni (1739), Barbaro was discussed by Comolli (1791, 144-151), Poudra (1864,161-171), Nielsen (1898, 24-28), Pittarelli (190), Amodeo (1932, 124-13) and Vagnetti (1979,334-335). The only serious study of his work was an unpublished dissertation by Laven (1957).